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Consistency Champions Club is a unique mastermind for network marketers who want to get to the next level faster


here's How It's different


Get access to people, ideas, and resources
that create the perfect storm for high-
impact growth in your business.


Like-minded groups are great, but it’s not a useful Consistency Champions Club if you’re not empowered to execute and grow revenue.


Mentors who know how to get you where you want to go, AND peers to support your growth as you support theirs.

member benefits

your Journey Can Be Lonely.
I Changed That

I offer a safe, encouraging space for you to discuss the good, the bad, and the truly ugly aspects of building a network marketing business

It’s not only a place where you can get the support you need, it’s also a place where you get a front-row seat on the unique journey that involves:

Social media marketing

I'll work with you to determine your niche, your best target audience and create an online brand. 

Afterwards, I’ll help you with online content so that prospects will feel they know you, like you, trust you and buy from you.

Once that is setup, I'll teach you step by step on how to find good prospects for your business so that you’re not wasting time chasing the wrong people.



Getting People Interested
I will help you plan out and record a personal video that you can send to your prospects.

Afterwards, I will go over your presentation so that you can get more people to join you.

I will guide you and also show you real life sales situations that you can adapt so that you get more people to signup.


I'll help you make sure you get your new members to take fast action

As your team grows, I'll give feedback and suggestions to help you create customized incentives and campaigns that will increase retention and duplication.

During the entire time, you will become a better leader and equipped to grow a large organization. 


Here's How It Works...


You can ask me questions anytime and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Get the ultimate accountability experience as you share with others what you’ve done.

This is also your chance to ask questions and get feedback from me and other members.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that you often learn a lot from the feedback given members.

Happens multiple times a week so you can choose the one that fits your time zone


Get immediate expert feedback on your profiles and content you’re posting.

This happens in your first week in the Consistency Champions Club.


Join me for live prospecting sessions 5 days a week

Have access to over 100+ training videos

Connect with other motivated distributors


You’ll get a monthly Content Calendar and over 15 posts created for you in these fun 3 hour workshops.

The recordings, content calendar and slides are all given to you afterwards.


In Consistency Champions Club, you’re only a message away from solving your most difficult business challenges


The Quality Of A Consistency Champions Club Is Determined By Who Is NOT Allowed In The Room

We could let everyone in but we decided not to. We’re building the best mastermind in network marketing and that requires selecting the right people. 

Consistency Champions Club is for people who are:

Not afraid to be pushed and held accountable

Long Term Vision
Thinks long term and doesn’t plan to quit in the next 5 years

Able and willing to attend live or listen to the recording of the Weekly Hot Seat Coaching

A willingness to change and learn

Willing to go outside your comfort zone and apply what you’ll learn

Purpose Driven
Have a bigger goal in life than just to make a lot of money

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Here’s What Some of Our Members Have To Say

Jared Crebs (San Antonio, Texas)

Full time leader

Simon has helped me the most because of the weekly callsthat they do every Mondays.

I talked to Simon himself all about my business.

We talk about our business. We have a whiteboard, we talk about situations, situational leadership systems, things that need to be changed, things that need to be improved.

It's like having a consultant right in my own office, guiding me and helping me become the best that I can be.

It's truly priceless.

Nicole Dennis

Founder and CEO of Social Lite

The two day mastermind was really great to connect with other leaders in the industry. And I learned a lot from them about how, what they're doing to grow their business. So That was really helpful. And we actually implemented some ideas that we learned from leaders in other companies.

It's really great to look outside of your company as well. To get ideas and inspiration from what other people are doing who are also successful that might be different to how things are being done in your company.

Yeah, it was heaps of fun. Heaps of fun. 

Vanessa Mollard

(Melbourne, Australia)

I had been struggling to recruit so I came to Simon because I was looking for a kick up the butt.

I thought there may be some other strategy but he told me to do what I needed to do and forced me to do it.

After I got started in January, I got my first signup a 4 weeks later… and then another signup 2 weeks later.

Lorien Cameron

6 Figure Earner

Simon helped me get clarity with my branding… and

I think one of the biggest things that I've got out working with Simon is the connections and the relationships with other leaders, hearing what they're doing and what they're not doing. It's been really awesome.

Josie Tong (Melbourne, Australia)

6 Figure Earner

You never know what happens when suddenly, God puts you in that path because you're meant to have that person help you in life. And so I saw Simon's YouTube videos and I saw some of his blogs. 

When his mastermind started, I actually reached out to him. And so that was the big breakthrough for me, because I didn't have an upline that was showing me the way. 

I think my evolution, my development was through the mastermind, advanced mastermind. So I'm a graduate of the advanced mastermind. I'm so glad I spent years into that because OF Simon's coaching and, and really for him to be really kicking you in the butt.

You know, I remember a lot of times when I'd say, Simon, I don't think I'll do this. And he'd go, you are so weak, Josie, you know? So really he helped me to develop toughness, that no BS attitude. And I'm really so glad that I have been part of that. 

I really highly recommend it because I know that I owe how I developed, to become the leader that I am from Simon. So, really grateful.

Tamara Hunter

Everyone's contribution on Mastermind has just fired me up. I have loved seeing all the posts, all the DMOs, getting ideas and inspiration. I'm becoming way more consistent and way more persistent.

And I've just got a fire about me that I probably haven't had for years. I'm actually probably working harder now than I've worked in a really, really long time, like 5am to 11pm,  and just really embracing, instead of being negative about working this in the nooks and crannies and being resentful about that, actually embracing that I can sit there in my car for 10 minutes before I drive off and shoot off five Facebook friend requests and five Facebook follow up messages and send off a couple of links.

So I'm really embracing the working in the nooks and crannies. I'm  very proud of myself for that because I used to really be quite negative about the fact that I didn't have big chunks of time to sit down and do this.

Wendy Lee Stephenson

 First of all, Simon, anything you ask him, he's like got an answer for it. And it's always way better than what I could come up with and just how simple he makes things and his posture, his posture is contagious. So it's just helpful to have someone that has that confidence that has been through. And. He comes back so easily with how to build and how to respond and how to carry yourself.

So before starting the mastermind, I felt like I didn't know what to do with my day. I had built a business quickly in the past, but then was just at this standstill and Like I'd never felt productive. I never felt like at the end of the day. Yes I accomplished what I needed to and it was honestly just a lack of knowing what to do at this point And what should my workday look like and so since starting and practicing Simon's DMO and I do it in the morning I feel accomplished.

I feel like if I get nothing else done I've done what's needed to build my business with consistency and then everything On top of that's kind of added bonus. Um, and then one of the biggest things that's made an impact on my team is letting them see me do it. So just how Simon, um, shows in his insider.

How to do the DMO. And he does it, you know, live in the group. I've been doing that for my team, letting them see my messages, letting them see how I connect with people. And it's creating more movement in my team than I've seen in probably a year. And so they're getting excited. They're feeling accomplished and they're focusing more on the activity instead of the results.

So since joining, I kind of was at a recruiting standstill in my business. And, um, This year I hadn't recruited anyone and that hadn't happened since I started my business. And, um, so since starting the mastermind within the first week I signed a consultant and then three weeks later I signed another consultant.

So I've had two new direct teammates sign up since starting.


You wouldn't really get the same value and knowledge that Simon has. And the people that he has interviewed has also helped us a lot.

And on top of which he actually holds you accountable for your own actions. and for your own decisions, and he helps guide you. He doesn't make the decisions for you, but he helps guide you to where you need to be. It's not so much where you want to be, but it's where you need to be. And that's really hard to find these days, because a lot of people put fluff, and they tell you things that you want to hear, but that will never get you where you want to be.

Whereas Simon just tells you as it is, he takes account of your situation, of what you're going through, of what you need, and he gets you there. He gets you there by changing the way you look at things and making you realize that it all starts with you. And nowadays, that's, I think that's what we all need because we all tend to get so lost in the world.

We have so many things and he just filters out all the bullshit and he just tells you as it is. So, why should you join Mastermind? Because you get to work with Simon and he will not hold. is he's a no holds bar kind of guy. And I think that if you really want to go far in network marketing, if you really want to push yourself and you want to hold yourself accountable for where you want to be, this is the place for you to be.

You've I've met amazing people. I've met six figure earners who have nothing but love for this industry. And they share so much value. You don't just get value from Simon. You get value from so many people, which unless you're. where he is, you won't be able to meet these people at all. So, definitely join Mastermind.

It's the best thing you could do for yourself and your family.

Kevin Wertzbeter

 So what mastermind means to me is it helps me to build my personal accountability with this business. I basically was just throwing blindly throwing darts before and now I'm narrowing down my focus and I greatly appreciate that opportunity and the guidance and narrowing down the focus. So the greatest mental improvement I've had is just knowing what is possible.

I definitely got stuck in a what was me mode. And now I'm more like a powerful me mode. Listen to Simon and keep it simple. He's definitely been in this game long enough. So, please don't do what I did and overthink everything for too many years. Keep it simple and stay active day to day. So what I really enjoyed about this mastermind retreat  is I was around six figure earners. We're in a small intimate group and that was a vast improvement from any event I've gone to before where there's thousands of people in a room and it's go team rah rah rah We can all do this which was cool.

But with Simon's help I've discovered how simple steps repeated can make a big big difference And I also discovered that I was not seeing myself as that mastermind entrepreneur that I actually am There's plenty of past references in my own life that show what is possible So now I know where I can go and I've seen what's possible with that The cool group of people I've been surrounded in this mastermind with.

Annette Rossi

Hey, my name is Annette Rossi and I've been with Simon for a little while now and what I've learned with Simon is that he, he's a good listener and when he listens he is able to, to diagnose and discern some of the blockages or issues or problems that you may have and he has the, the ability, an amazing ability I may say so, that helps with mental shifts.

So for me it was just a small shift. It was like a light bulb that went off, I took massive action because what he said really hit to the core, I took action and within less than three weeks I had seven new downlines and I had six new rank advancements. So I think that is a pretty good result.

Justin Phillips

We didn't really have much of a, we didn't have an upline in Australia and, and our upline was so busy doing the world, being the world's top leader that we didn't really get a lot of time with them. So we were really looking for someone to give us some nuts and bolts in this business. We also had, didn't, didn't have previous experience.

So we were basically learning out of books and then we met Simon and we got involved, we started to meet some of the other leaders. For us, it really helped us get clear on some of the principles and some of the foundation of how to build a long term business. So, so yeah, it's about, there are things in this business that if you learn early on, it will save you a lot of time and money and energy later on.

And you need great mentors for that. And then, if you want to be in this industry long term, like what Lorian said, it is amazing to be able to connect with people that are in the business long term. And check in with them once in a while, see what's going on and see their journey and learn from each other and say, Hey, I found out about this.

This might be good for you. And, you know, they, they enrich your life as well. You know, you need that community. You need those mentors and that diversity. And for us, I'm super grateful for the mastermind. I think Simon is amazing. Just what Lorian said to see his growth and seeing what he's doing now in his mastermind group.

Yeah, that's better than what it was when I went through. That's fantastic. I'm, I'm really great to see that. I'm, I'm inspired to see that cause I, you know, it's getting better all the time. So if you're serious about making a go of this career and this business, you need great leaders and I encourage you to do mastermind assignment.

That'd be awesome.

about simon chan

built a global 7-figure business of over 200,000 distributors in over 18 countries Through online Duplication Strategies.



Founder of MLM Nation

Simon Chan is a Consistency Coach, Author of the best seller, "The Consistency Pill," and speaker who helps network marketers earn a part time income of at least $1,000 a month by helping them create consistency, defeat overwhelm and get results online.

Simon is best known as the host of MLM Nation Podcast; the #1 network marketing podcast that features in depth interviews with over 700 top income earners.

Simon started in network marketing in 2003 and built a million dollar business with over 200,000 distributors by pioneering Online Duplication. He retired from building in 2013 to be a full time trainer and founded MLM Nation.


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